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Technological Innovation

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Innovation is a power source for the development of an enterprise. The company has set up a research enterprising institute dedicated technical research and innovation. The institute has been honored with the title of “Zhejiang Provincial Enterprising Research Institute”, which covers research and development activities of information research, synthesis research, formulations research, applied technology research, product registration and protection of intellectual property rights. The company has established a modern research and detection building, synthetic and formulations lab, central control and central test lab as well as pilot production workshop. 

During the establishment of the research and development facility, a production-school-research collaboration mode has been set up where enterprise acts as the main player supported by the university and research institutions. A long-term cooperation has been established with Zhenjiang University of Technology and Zhejiang University, having set up the Pesticide Research Center with Zhejiang University of Technology, the Zhejiang Provincial Green Pesticide Clean Production Research Lab and the Zhejiang University Novel Formulations Research Lab. These labs serve as Xinnong’s strong technical support and source of innovation. Close cooperation has been established with a number of multinationals including Bayer CropScience and BASF for research of novel pesticide formulations. Xinnong has cooperated with Nanjing University and Nankai University in the establishment of a high-tech environmental company – Jiangsu NJU Environmental Technology Ltd. The company is now approved to be a “post-doctorate research station” and an “academician expert workstation”.

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