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Supply Chain 2015-1stQuarter HSE Audit Conducted

Source: Updated:2015-07-17 Views:3

In mid-March, the company’s HSE department organized a 1-week HSE audit in the 3 production facilities of supply chain, covering SOP audit and the 2014 standardization promotions. The audit was completed on the 16th March, followed by a briefing meeting in the Xianju Factory, where auditors gave a feedback on the 2 significant findings out of the audit. Relevant personnel involving the audit of the 3 facilities had discussions on the results of the audit.
The SOP audit aims to check upon the formulation and implementation of the SOP of the 3 facilities via site visit, inquiry and interview in a purpose to make continuous improvement of the procedure by continued explorations such that eventually the SOP of the 3 locations is standardized and well regulated scientifically.
As regards to the promotion of the standardization, all 3 locations have been progressing steadily according to the unified standard. Although problems still exist, yet considerable improvements have been achieved and good references have been made to each other among the 3 locations compared with the last audit.
At the meeting the Chief Executive of the Supply Chain Management made a comment on the audit. There are certain degree of problems existing with the SOP management at the 4 stages of PDCA, such as the complicatedness of the content setting, which is not very reasonable for the basic training of employees, insufficient documentation management, lack of persistent review and improvement of the implementations. Factory leaders are required to pay attention to the construction of sub-system and to carry out cycle check and internal audit. In the meantime, the promotion of standardization in the 3 locations needs to take into account their respective local conditions and establish their own assessment system and the focus of training according to actual circumstances. The SOP of existing work positions is apt to be confused with employee’s training material, which should be guided according to right directions to find a right balance between the details of SOP and the principles of SOP according to the actual demand of employees.