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1Occupational Health and Safety Concept: “100-1=0”

Agrochemical industry is a high risk-exposed industry. Xinnong has always treated the occupational health and work safety as the basis of all work, which is a reflection of the company’s social responsibility. Therefore Xinnong has figured out the “100-1=0” concept, which is reckoned as Xinnong’s occupational health and safety concept. In Xinnong’s definition, the “1” represents the health of employees and the work safety of the company. Without the occupational health and work safety, any individual employee or the company will be just a zero despite a great commercial success.

To this end, all employees are always requested to be “strict, conscious and serious to begin from oneself” to treat work safety as an important priority over all other jobs. Xinnong endeavors to strengthen safety supervision system to control risk by following the OHSAS18001system, safety standardization system and multinationals’ good practice. Effort is made to promote an essential elevation of work safety, to make continuous optimization of production process and to raise equipment automation level. Through the establishment of the “3 in 1” system, occupational and safety risk is expected to be prevented and accident to be eradicated to the utmost.


2Environmental Concept: company’s sustainability lies on the environmental sustainability

Environmental concerns are a key issue of agrochemical industry. Xinnong opposes pursuit of maximum profitability ignoring social benefit. Xinnong’s business philosophy of “establishing business based on integrity and cultivating people based on morality” require moral commitment to business activity and undertaking social responsibility. The idea of “quality before quantity toward sustainability” is Xinnong’s development philosophy, which also requires an enterprise to be a corporate citizen that assumes social responsibility. Therefore Xinnong’s mission is positioned to be “promotion of eco-agriculture, dedication to agro-technical service and safeguard of good harvest” which contributes to the establishment of an economical, environment-friendly and ecological agriculture by supplies of green pesticide.

Xinnong is always committed to tackling environmental pollution to maintain the social and economic sustainable development. Hence Xinnong has formulated its environmental concept of “sustainability lies on the environmental sustainability”, which maintains the harmony of “human, technology and environment”, as required by the ISO14001 system. This environmental concept permeates all levels of management and is rooted in the work positions of all staffs such that employees could realize that the environmental protection is a long run action which will bring benefit to next generations. Measures are taken to ensure that everyone is an environmental executor and supervisor so that environmental protection begins from oneself and from details of each single job.