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Quality Management

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Quality Concept: Quality Determines Market and Customer Decides Future

Xinnong sticks to its quality policy of “product quality being the lifeblood of Xinnong and customer satisfaction being the everlasting pursuit by Xinnong”. For long years, Xinnong treats product quality as the lifeblood of the existence of the company. With respect to quality assurance, Xinnong does not rest content with the national quality standard but would go after “manufacturing of first-rate product”, which will be achieved only by the professional staffs, innovative ability, automated equipment and standardized management. 


As regards to professional staffs, Xinnong emphasizes the importance of selection and training of key personnel, which are not only limited to quality personnel but to cover research, procurement, production, testing and service; as regards to technical innovation and equipment automation, Xinnong always focuses on agrochemical industry, having set up an intermediate, technical material and formulations processing production chain which enables achievement of the value chain; research and innovation are combined to make continuous improvement to optimize the productionprocess, to upgrade production and testing automation; as regards to the standardized management, Xinnong has successively introduced ISO9001 system and measurement management system, having set up 36 management control mechanisms, 26 inspection items and 716 quality specifications, which ensure the good quality of Xinnong’s product being maintained beginning from manufacture until being delivered to the hands of farmers. High-quality product keeps the capture of healthy and persistent market, Xinnong regards farmer’s personal interest as its highest commitment and is supplying quality product of high efficacy to the best benefit of farmers. Bearing the customer-oriented business attitude, Xinnong provides farmers with practical solutions which are highly recognized by the market. Customer’s recognition and public praise decide the future of an enterprise like Xinnong.